Men and Ten (one decade of the rosary) | Pilgrim Queen of the Family

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One of the most powerful and profound portraits of any man, is him praying! Furthermore, when on his knees praying, it becomes a lasting picture in most people’s minds. God ordained man to to lead  in many ways, especially prayer. This has been spoken through God’s sacred scripture repeatedly. It impacts all aspects of his life. Family, friends, work, society, etc. are touched and changed by men praying.

When prayer comes straight from scripture, it prays God’s Word back to the Almighty. This matters and has great favor with our God. That is why the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” are so effective because the are from sacred scripture. Therefore saying the rosary is one of the front and center ways to get God’s attention! Also it comes through His Mom who has an ear to the Savior!


  • From: Our Blessed Mother
  • To: All men and boys
  • When: Daily
  • What: Pray a decade of the rosary with others.  Ask Mary to place on your heart where God is calling you to do that.

God ordained you the role, the authority and the gift to be forerunners of prayer for us all.

  • Mary is available 24/7 for you!
  • Say "yes" to our Lady's call!
  • Don't miss this opportunity!