Host an intro meeting | Pilgrim Queen of the Family


  1. Conduct brief meeting for the Pilgrim Queen participants to meet each other and have questions answered.
  2. Introduce participants to national website.
  3. Distribute copies of the roster to all in your group. Tweak roster if needed. Important points to include:
    • Each member is assigned the same days each month to receive the shrine.
    • When vacations, unexpected absences, etc., occur, the participant can arrange with the person before or after on the roster to take their time that month.
    • To respect the monthly visit of Mary to each family, please be timely in moving the shrine. She has special graces for each family monthly. The shrine is not meant to be stationary.
    • Before delivering the shrine to the next participant, call ahead or make arrangements so that they are ready to receive Mary.
  4. Include a notebook with the shrine for prayer requests and thanksgivings. (Optional)
  5. Plan occasional gatherings for your group to pray or socially bond.
  6. Get ready to be blessed!!!!!

For further information or questions, contact us.