How to become a "Guardian" in any diocese, parish, Catholic school, CCD, or any group | Pilgrim Queen of the Family


Traditional ways of being a Guardian

  1. Guardian acquires the shrine here.
  2. Take your shrine to be blessed by a priest and save the shrine box to protect it while traveling between families.
  3. Invite families geographically close to you to join your group or people who you are in frequent contact.
    • A minimum of 2 families and no more than 10 families, including the Guardian. 
    • Our blessed Mother always meets us where we are spiritually, so reach out to someone who honors "Her". Praying the rosary is not a requirement to being a member and "She" desires deeply to go to homes where it is not a practice. Mary works silently!
    • The invitation to any group runs best if participants are geographically close or see each other at least every 2 weeks.
  • Obtain the name, address, e-mail, home and cell phone numbers from all in your group and make a roster.
  1. Assign permanent days of the month for each participant. This is based on the geographical location of the families so the shrine easily travels between them.

How initiate the program in your DIOCESE

How to initiate the program in your PARISH

How to initiate the program in your SCHOOL/CCD

How to initiate the program in any organized GROUP

New diverse creative ways of being a Guardian

  1. Guardian brings shrine and invites others to pray at:
    • Family/friends gatherings
    • Workplaces
    • visiting the sick
    • regular meetings you attend
    • fundraiser
    • sport team practices/games
    • kids programs/activities
    • where anyone is going through a difficult time
  2. Shrine travels with Guardian throughout the day and prays with others in daily routine when prompted by God.


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