Pilgrim Queen of the Family | Behold, your mother.

"...Behold, your mother."

    —John 19:27

The Pilgrim Queen of the Family wants to visit your home.

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What is Pilgrim Queen of the Family?

The Pilgrim Queen of the Family is a network of Catholic families united by the desire to live and share the Gospel and to promote the devotion of praying the rosary in all Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, CCD, or any community group or setting. The importance of praying together, especially the Holy Rosary, is paramount in our lives now. Our world and our individual lives need Our Lady's intercession, always united in praying for the Church and Pope's intentions, vocations, families, friends, and all intentions by all individuals. Mary meets all who are devoted to her and those who are not. Mary meets us where we are in our prayer life.  Through Pilgrim Queen of the Family, she visits our individual homes, wanting to give many graces and blessings. 

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